A breed club for British Shorthairs and British Longhairs in the North of England and Scotland

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This club was set up to cater for the needs of the British Shorthair breeders and exhibitors in the North of England and Scotland. The breed does not have a show north of Doncaster and this was noted by many breeders and exhibitors who wanted the British promoted in this area.


As breeders we have been asked to promote the British Longhair within the GCCF to championship status. For that reason the clubs founder members decided to include both breeds within it.


The British Longhair is currently recognised by the GCCF as a variant of the shorthair but in line with the GCCF Variant policy we have applied for the British Longhair to be a breed in their own right.

the aims of the clubs are


  • To promote the interests of the Northern breeders and exhibitors of our breed.
  • To apply to the GCCF for affiliation in due course.
  • To push for recognition of the British Longhair to Championship level within the GCCF.
  • To be a Breed Club and have representation on the British Shorthair Breed Group Committee.
  • To hold a Championship Show under GCCF rules following affiliation.

Membership monies will be used initially to set the Club up and get it on the way. We have a Website with pages for Breeders and Exhibitors to advsertise and to post show news.


In the early days it is proposed to hold special raffles at shows to raise money for the Clubs funds, if you have any ideas or would like to participate please get in touch. Any fundraising activities you can think of or funds collected will be much appreciated.


We are currently pre-affiliated with the GCCF and will apply for full membership in due course


we have put together a standard of points and registration policy for the British Longhairs so that we can push forward for recognition of our beautiful Longhaired babies.





Membership Sec/Treasurer


Ms Elizabeth Stewart

0141 946 6504



Mrs Caroline Prout

0141 770 6033



Miss Suzanne Griss

01642 814003

"Together we are stronger"